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Dr. Kamal Taori : IAS officer of 1968 batch, also served the Indian Army before joining IAS. He retired in the rank and pay of Secretary, Government of India. Dr. Kamal Taori was a Member of Planning Commission for Govt. of India and an IAS Officer with over 35 years experience,

 Dr. Kamal Taori belongs to the UP cadre of the 1968 batch of the I.A.S. He had a short stint in the army and has doctorate in Rural entrepreneurship. He has been with the Khadi and Village Industries Sector for nearly 12 years. This was his opportunity for a deeper understanding of Gandhi, Vinoba, Lohia and Kumarappa and to sublimate his ambition into a mission with holistic action. A short assignment with the UNDP, and subsequent study of the United Nations system were helpful in the convergence of his lifelong studies, experience and understanding into a world-view and a global vision. He is always concerned about what could have been done, as against what has been done. A Social Science Scientific researcher and author of a number of books and research papers, he has organized and led many a seminar and workshop on a whole range of socio-economic issues and topics


1.The holistic challenges of our time all over the world., compel us to have a holistic analysis and then holistic alternative plan of action for the welfare of all as part of Vishwa Jagat.
3.With massive awakening and mass info commn technology or ict, it is possible for India to be Vishwa Guru and facilitate this.
4.Sahaj process, or natural process or inbuilt systems development or facilitation is our duty and all will take care of their perceived dev.This means role clarity for all the doers.
5.My clarifying talk in U tube on kamaltaori ias rural business hub takes all these and plan of action in mind and provides strategy and tactics for doing it on the ground. The salient features of this is Inclusiveness, businesslike, eco friendly,transparent,win win, and for this WARD INCLUSIVE INVESTIVE PLANNER is the key.
6.Lessons of the past compel us to convince that the greatest need of all this is to have a radically different approach to this change facilitation process.
7.Let us have Vishwas that there are lot of replicable, Vishwas models which are replicable and we must concentrate on Marketing the unmarketed.
8. We as facilitator,must ignite this entrepreneurial spirit of the masses awaken and fight for reducing the obstacles in this.
9. Ultimately time is the supreme judge and doer, and this time compel us to converge, learn, relearn and adopt Asar-kari and a-sarkari model to realize our vision of Vishwa guru and capable of mass welfare by hard work and living with Nature.
With this clarity, questions, vishwas, we have to form steering and stirring committee converge with people at ward, village, block or district or corporation
look for win win, businesslike opportunities, have different mission for cluster dev.
and start marketing the unmarketed.
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